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Dementia Friendly Community


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Lesbury Dementia Friendly Action Group

Notes from meeting of 21 March2017

1.      Welcome & Introductions/Apologies

Present: Allison France, Libby Morrison, Ann Molloy, Carol Southam, Claire Vass, Allison Wort, Hilary Wynn

Apologies:  Julia Whitney, Douglas Hunter

2.      Notes of last meeting and matters arising

CS confirmed she had approached Gill Lyons who had expressed a willingness to support our work and invited her to meetings.

3.      Overview of action since last meeting

SATs Both February and March SATs were well received.  At the March SAT CS was the only helper and, with 16 members of the community attending, it was evident that it was not sensible to run with just one helper.  It was agreed that we should aim for three helpers in future and CS has circulated a rota list for group members to put their names down for the remaining SAT dates this year.  Also agreed that at least one of the helpers attending should have a mobile phone with them in case of emergency, there being no phone in the Village Hall.

Have a Go Beginners Bridge/Art Adventure

·         Bridge sessions still going strong with 12-16 regularly attending.  Sessions now self-financing and the participants have indicated their wish to continue with them.

·         Art Adventure – held on 8 February with 12 participants covering pastels.  A very successful session.  The tutor being unable to commit to holding sessions on a regular basis, CV agreed to contact a former art teacher who might be able to help out.

Finance update – AM reported bank account stood at £1455.32 with cash in hand at £167.60.

WI session – CS delivered an information session for which feedback was   positive and the session was mentioned in the Northumberland Gazette write up.  DF Logo has now been awarded to the WI as all relevant criteria have been met. 



4.      Action Plan

Future activities

·         SAT on 8 April – Easter theme agreed, LM to take responsibility for the activity, catering arrangements agreed.

·         Dementia Week – group discussed suggested activities to include an information session, games evening (following on the success of last year’s event), bridge, a further art session and involvement of Hipsburn School (CV and AW to speak to Head about this).

Awards for All Planning – meeting held on 15 March and programme plan for use of funding had been drawn up.  (Previously circulated to group members).  Discussed DAG responsibility for activity and agreed we would ask participants at next SAT about possible dance activity, no further action would be taken at present on organising a Memory Walk, CS would ask DH if any additional funding would be available for  Photography in capturing the journey.   Group also discussed the ideas in the plan for involvement in Northumberland in Bloom.   Agreed these should go to the next meeting of the Lesbury in Bloom group with some points being referred on to the Village Hall Committee if Lesbury in Bloom agreed with suggestions.

Publicity, Website, Shepherd Hut – agreed we would set up our own website with link to the Parish Council site and vice versa.  CS to approach a potential website builder, HW to look at other websites to see what is already out there, group to feedback to HW on what they feel might be needed on our site.

Dementia Friendly annual repot – due to be submitted online on 15 April.   CS to download to let group see what information is needed for this.

 5.   AOB

Gifts – Following a recent incident when a member of the group had received a gift in return for support they had offered to individuals, it was agreed we should record any gifts received in future to avoid possible comprising situations.  CS to draw up a form for this purpose

Terms of reference – due to be reviewed after a year and agreed to put down as agenda item for next meeting with note to review especially in relation to Conflict of Interest.

6.   Date of next meeting

Tuesday 23 May 7.30 pm.

Our monthly Saturday Afternoons Together offer the chance to meet old friends and make new friends over tea and cakes. The atmosphere is informal and there is always something different at each event.   In 2016 we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday with a party in June – jelly and ice cream provided –held our own Lesbury Olympics in August and were entertained by local musicians in November. In December we had a Christmas theme and in January we staged Friendship, Sharing and Celebration with members of the Lesbury community contributing songs, poems and music.   Saturday Afternoons Together are held in Lesbury Village Hall from 2 to 3.30 Watch the village notice boards for details – and come along and join the fun!
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