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Dementia Friendly Community

        Unfortunately, Lesbury Dementia Friendly Action Group
no longer exists.

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Lesbury Dementia Friendly Action Group - now defunct

Lesbury Dementia Action Group was established in April 2016 as part of Lesbury Parish Council initiative for Lesbury Parish to become a Dementia Friendly Community. The action group supersedes the working group which undertook the early work to submit an application to Alzheimer's Society for recognition as 'working towards becoming Dementia Friendly Community'.


The purpose of the Lesbury Dementia Action Group is to lead and act as the 'engine room' for the local initiative to become a Dementia Friendly Community, working in partnership with Lesbury Parish Council. The group will:

  • -       develop the local Dementia Friendly Community Action Plan for sign-off by the Parish Council
  • -       organise and undertake activity to deliver the objectives of the action plan
  • -       review the action plan in partnership with the Parish Council and make amendments as required
  • -      monitor the action plan
  • -       report progress against the plan to Alzheimer's Society at specified interval
  • -       manage the 'award' of the 'working towards becoming Dementia Friendly' logo
  • -       plan the use of any resources secured and/or allocated for the initiative and report against expenditure


Aims / Responsibilities of the Group

The overall aim of the initiative is: To improve the lives of people with Dementia and their families/unpaid carers living in the Parish of Lesbury. This will be achieved by:

  • -       Raising awareness of Dementia across the community
  • -       Improving the accessibility of existing social/leisure activities for people with dementia and their families/ carers
  • -       Increasing the range of activities available to older people in the community
  • -       Improving the understanding of dementia amongst local business providers
  • -       Developing and maintaining the Lesbury Dementia Action group to lead and co-ordinate the work


For more information and event dates, please visit their website: lesburydfc.org