title="Lesbury Parish Council in Northumberland">

Neighbourhood Development Plan - Final Documents


Pre-Submission NDP draft documents - December 2018

  Letter to Residents (downloads Word file for editing)
  Letter to Residents (opens PDF file)
  Pre-submission draft NDP December 2018
  Lesbury NDP - Directory of supporting evidence
  NDP Policy Area
  NDP Policies Map (Settlement Boundaries)
  List of Statutory Consultees
  Appendix A - Heritage Assets 
  Appendix B - (a) Young People's Report
  Ap pendix B      - (b)  Local Green Spaces
  A  pp      endi B - (c) Settlement Boundaries Document


Submission NDP draft documents - October 2019

          Habitats Regulations Assessment report - October 2019
    Strategic Environmental Assessment Report - October 2019
    The Plan (October 2019)
    The Policies Map - Submission Policies Map June 2019
    Policies Map Inset - Submission Policies Map Inset 2, June 2019
      Settlement Boundaries document (May 2019)
    Map - Settlement Boundary Supporting Info (June 2019)
    Local Green Spaces document (June 2019)
    Non-Heritage Assets document (October 2019)
    Non-Heritage Assets supporting information - map


Submission NDP draft documents - November 2019

  The Plan (November 2019)
  Basic Conditions Statement (November 2019)
  Consultation Statement

Final documents - May 2021  

  Development Plan - Final version (July 2020)
    Examiner's Report
    Notice of Referendum
    Results of Referendum
      Decision Statement (Formal Acceptance)
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