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Neighbourhood Development Plan - Final Documents

This page will be presented in two parts.  The current section contains documents in 'draft' form as they will be subject to screening and examination prior to the parish referendum which we expect will be held early summer 2019. Residents are invited to read the 'Pre-Submission Draft NDP' and, using the first document (Letter to Residents) submit their views, observations and comments for consideration for inclusion in the final document. Please leave your completed forms in the 'returns' box available in the post office and the village hall by 4.00 pm on Monday 11th February, 2019.

Please see the Parish Newsletter 62 for further information.  

For Guidance on Reviewing and Commenting on Planning Applications click here

DRAFT documents only

  Letter to Residents (downloads Word file for editing)
  Letter to Residents (opens PDF file)
  Pre-submission draft NDP December 2018
  Lesbury NDP - Directory of supporting evidence
  NDP Policy Area
  NDP Policies Map (Settlement Boundaries)
  List of Statutory Consultees
  Appendix A - Heritage Assets
  Appendix B - (a) Young People's Report
  Ap pendix B      - (b)  Local Green Spaces
  A  pp      endi B - (c) Settlement Boundaries Document