title="Lesbury Parish Council in Northumberland">

Neighbourhood Development Plan - Working Documents

The following comprise official documents from statutory bodies, extracts from these documents, and reports, surveys and briefing papers produced by the Neighbourhood Development Group.  Click icon to load document.

  Parish Boundary map
  Parish Fact Sheet
  Lesbury Neighbourhood Area Designation Decision Report
  Housing Needs Survey (pro forma and covering letter)
  Housing Needs Survey (Results)
  Housing Needs Survey - FINAL Report
  NDP Infrastructure Audit – Summary
  NDP Vision and objectives August 2017 - first draft
  NDP Vision (and supporting evidence)
  Focus Meeting - Initial community meeting
  Focus Meeting 1 - Invite to meeting on Car Parking
  Focus Meeting 1 - FINAL Report on Car Parking at the Railway Station
  Focus Meeting 2 - Potential Housing Development sites
  Focus Meeting 2 - Housing & Development
  Focus Meeting 3a - Young Persons' Survey by Will Brunger
  Focus Meeting 3b - Young Persons' Report by Will Brunger
    Focus Meeting 3 - Leisure & Environment