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Chairman's report May 2012-May 2013   ()


Lesbury Parish Council.
Chairman’s Annual Report.               Year ending May 2013.
I am pleased to report that the Council has kept within its budget during the second year of devolvement of responsibilities from Northumberland County Council to Parish Councils. This means that it has not been necessary to raise the Precept for the coming year.
Once again this has been a year of significant events in the life of Lesbury Parish.
·        the Parish photograph taken on 26th May to celebrate the Queen’s 60th Jubilee,
·        the Olympic torch passing through the Parish on 15th June (one of our local athletes made the final of the 1500m),
·        continuation of the Newsletter, now in its 6th year of production, we believe to be much appreciated by residents. ( Taking this, together with our Parish website and three notice boards, I believe that Lesbury Parish Council operates in an open and efficient manner.),
·        the arrival of our new vicar, Ian MacKarrill, and his wife Claire,
·        the 90th anniversary of Lesbury WI celebrated by the planting of a tree near the entrance to Lealands,
·        regular use by residents, of the County Council Customer Services number 08456006400 – an excellent service.
A major planning application by Northumberland Estates for development between Down House and the Post Office was unanimously rejected by the Parish Council on 26th July 2012. The application was resubmitted with significant changes – the number of new houses to be built reduced from twenty to eight, no cottages on the Main Street to be demolished, but no improvement to the Post Office. This application was unanimously accepted by the Parish Council on 26th March 2013.
The Parish entered Northumbria in Bloom for the first time and the results, collectively and individually are worth recording.
Hawkshill Business Park                           Bronze Award
Foxton Golf Club garden                          Silver Award
Alnmouth Railway Station                       Silver Gilt Award
The Coach Inn                                             Gold Award
and Lesbury Parish                                                Silver Award.
The Northumbria in Bloom experience has shown that a system of maintenance of green spaces in the Parish needed to be put in place paid from the Precept and this has now been implemented.  
A number of projects, some major, have been completed with the help and cooperation of our main partners, Northumberland County Council and Northumberland Estates.
·        Installation of a lift at the Railway Station,
·        Construction of a new fish and eel pass at Lesbury Dam,
·        Maintenance of the cycleway/footpath between Hipsburn School and Alnmouth,
·        Tree felling and stone wall rebuilding at the copse opposite The Coppice,
·        cleaning of Lesbury Road Bridge,
·        removal of a large but dangerous tree in the Churchyard,
·        major drainage works to alleviate flooding on Lesbury Main Street,
·        prompt repairing of 2m of stone wall (damaged by a car) at the new Road Bridge.
Tom Wilson