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Parish Plan

An important part of living as a community in a beautiful place is to protect what we value whilst sharing a vision for the future. The Parish Council represents the community and knows that it must engage with residents to try to meet their needs, aspirations and concerns. The objectives of this Plan are to reflect the wishes of the community and the Parish Council has supported its preparation enthusiastically.

It is clear that the Parish Council cannot achieve all the objectives outlined in the Plan on its own. It does not have the time or the resources. In order to make the Plan a reality, we need to attract many willing volunteers from the community. One fact that has become abundantly clear in the preparation of the Parish Plan over the past 15 months is the level and variety of skills possessed by our residents and we hope to be able to use such skills to take the Plan forward. Please don't leave it all to somebody else and do not be afraid to get involved in the future; your help is needed.

On behalf of the Parish Council, I want to express my sincere thanks to the many residents who have played a part in the production of this Plan. I must however, make special mention of the members of the Steering Committee who have worked tirelessly as a team to bring the Plan to fruition.

I am very pleased to commend this Parish Plan to you all.

Tom Wilson

Chairman, Lesbury Parish Council - November 2009

Parish Plan Documents

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