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Many Parish Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Click here for Council Meeting dates and Minutes and Agendas.
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Newsletter - December 2009-2.pdf (1.1MB) Newsletter - December 2009-2.pdf 1.1MB PDF
Newsletter  - January 2010.pdf (1.3MB) Newsletter - January 2010.pdf 1.3MB PDF
Newsletter - March 2010.pdf (299KB) Newsletter - March 2010.pdf 299KB PDF
Newsletter - July 2010.pdf (271KB) Newsletter - July 2010.pdf 271KB PDF
Newsletter-May2010.pdf (325.7KB) Newsletter-May2010.pdf 325.7KB PDF
newsletterOct 2010.pdf (491.6KB) newsletterOct 2010.pdf 491.6KB PDF
Dec 2010 final.pdf (377.1KB) Dec 2010 final.pdf 377.1KB PDF
Feb 2011Nletter5.pdf (257.9KB) Feb 2011Nletter5.pdf 257.9KB PDF
April 2011 Newsletter.pdf (147.9KB) April 2011 Newsletter.pdf 147.9KB PDF
June 2011 Newsletter.pdf (202.1KB) June 2011 Newsletter.pdf 202.1KB PDF
Oct 2011 newsletter.pdf (249KB) Oct 2011 newsletter.pdf 249KB PDF
Aug 2011 newsletter.pdf (246.8KB) Aug 2011 newsletter.pdf 246.8KB PDF
Feb 2012 newsletter.pdf (245.1KB) Feb 2012 newsletter.pdf 245.1KB PDF
Dec 2011 newsletter.pdf (178KB) Dec 2011 newsletter.pdf 178KB PDF
April 2012 newsletter.pdf (186.2KB) April 2012 newsletter.pdf 186.2KB PDF
May~June 2012 newsletter.pdf (303.3KB) May~June 2012 newsletter.pdf 303.3KB PDF
Aug 2012 newsletter.pdf (347.1KB) Aug 2012 newsletter.pdf 347.1KB PDF
Oct 2012 newsletter.pdf (415.5KB) Oct 2012 newsletter.pdf 415.5KB PDF
Dec 2012 newsletter.pdf (359.5KB) Dec 2012 newsletter.pdf 359.5KB PDF
Feb 2013 newsletter.pdf (331.7KB) Feb 2013 newsletter.pdf 331.7KB PDF
Sept 2013 newsletter.pdf (390.5KB) Sept 2013 newsletter.pdf 390.5KB PDF
April 2013 newsletter.pdf (314.4KB) April 2013 newsletter.pdf 314.4KB PDF
July 2013 newsletter.pdf (346.9KB) July 2013 newsletter.pdf 346.9KB PDF
Nov 2013 newsletter.pdf (397.3KB) Nov 2013 newsletter.pdf 397.3KB PDF
Jan 2014 newsletter.pdf (348.9KB) Jan 2014 newsletter.pdf 348.9KB PDF
April 2014 newsletter final.pdf (286.9KB) April 2014 newsletter final.pdf 286.9KB PDF
June 2014 newsletter final.pdf (267.5KB) June 2014 newsletter final.pdf 267.5KB PDF
Sept  2014 newsletter final.pdf (251.2KB) Sept 2014 newsletter final.pdf 251.2KB PDF
Feb 2015 newsletter final.pdf (237.4KB) Feb 2015 newsletter final.pdf 237.4KB PDF
Dec  2014 newsletter final.pdf (335.5KB) Dec 2014 newsletter final.pdf 335.5KB PDF
June 2015 final.pdf (259.1KB) June 2015 final.pdf 259.1KB PDF
April 2015 newsletter final.pdf (223.7KB) April 2015 newsletter final.pdf 223.7KB PDF
Sept 2015 final.pdf (266.9KB) Sept 2015 final.pdf 266.9KB PDF
Nov 2015  final.pdf (203.5KB) Nov 2015 final.pdf 203.5KB PDF
Feb 2016.pdf (327.7KB) Feb 2016.pdf 327.7KB PDF
March 2016.pdf (256KB) March 2016.pdf 256KB PDF
Nov 2016v2.pdf (291.2KB) Nov 2016v2.pdf 291.2KB PDF
Final Sept 2016.pdf (333.9KB) Final Sept 2016.pdf 333.9KB PDF
Jan 2017 newsletter.pdf (310.4KB) Jan 2017 newsletter.pdf 310.4KB PDF
April 2017 newsletter.pdf (303.7KB) April 2017 newsletter.pdf 303.7KB PDF
August_2017_Newsletter.pdf (419.9KB) August_2017_Newsletter.pdf 419.9KB PDF
Nov 2017.pdf (334.6KB) Nov 2017.pdf 334.6KB PDF
LPC Newsletter 57 Mar 18.docx (407.5KB) LPC Newsletter 57 Mar 18.docx 407.5KB
LPC Newsletter (1)March-April 18.docx (4.7MB) LPC Newsletter (1)March-April 18.docx 4.7MB
LPC Newsletter May-June18.pdf (292.4KB) LPC Newsletter May-June18.pdf 292.4KB PDF
LPC Newsletter July-Aug18.docx (143.2KB) LPC Newsletter July-Aug18.docx 143.2KB
LPC Newsletter Sept-October 18.dot (156KB) LPC Newsletter Sept-October 18.dot 156KB
LPC Newsletter Oct-Nov 1.10.18.docx (10.6MB) LPC Newsletter Oct-Nov 1.10.18.docx 10.6MB
Newsletter 64 Mar-April 2019 .pdf (209.8KB) Newsletter 64 Mar-April 2019 .pdf 209.8KB PDF
Newsletter 62 Nov-Dec 18.pdf (2.9MB) Newsletter 62 Nov-Dec 18.pdf 2.9MB PDF
Newsletter 63 Jan - Feb 2019.pdf (106.4KB) Newsletter 63 Jan - Feb 2019.pdf 106.4KB PDF